After years of Soundcloud releases under an array of aliases and genres... He has amassed a cult following of some sort… This is the long-awaited debut EP from one of the underground scenes most sought after producers. The one & only FLEEKEE.

“I was introduced to Samir though a friend at a Soul In Motion Sunday day-party in early 2020, about a month or so before the county went into lock-down. Since then he’s got involved with Motive Hunter though being the first DJ on the ‘DRUMHUNTER’ mix series, as well as being the closest thing someone could be to a ‘Promoter’ for the brand. He’s someone that has believed in the movement from the moment he learnt of it’’s existance, which is something I respect and am incredibly grateful for. He’s Motive Hunter family, through and through”.

“It became clear that I wanted the first release from the label to be from him after I heard RASTAFARI”


Flake & Fleekee (Ft. MC Abe & MC Stezzy)

Out The Box X Gafff / Xmas Party Live-stream.

Ziggy b2b Fleekee b2b Diagnostix (Ft. DVZ)